Due to current circumstances, we will not be able to deliver to your doorstep if you are in condominium or apartment. We will bring it only to the building entrance and you'll need to pick it up from there.

Eid-ul-Adha Qurbani Service 2020

Similar to last year, The Halal Shop offers the Qurbani Services to all our clients globally. Canadian (GTA only) clients have the option of getting the meat at their homes or do it in impoverished countries. We encourage you to do your Qurbani in poor countries and help the needy farmers, butchers, meat packaging laborers, supervisors, and, last but not the least, malnourished families who do not have the money to buy meat even once a month.

Follow the true spirit of "sacrifice"!

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What our customers say:

"Excellent experience from the time I clicked their link. Website very easy to use and navigate. Delivery was on time and prepared in a very professional manner. The meat quality is outstanding. All of this for a very reasonable price. Overall very pleasant experience. They’ve gained a regular customer!" - Murtaza

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