What is The Halal Shop?

The Halal Shop (THS) is an online shop, based in Canada. THS is offering  Qurbani service to Muslim diaspora all around the world for Eid-ul-Adha 2019. The entire service is performed in Pakistan.


How does the Qurbani process work at your store?

When you purchase animals or portions from our website, you are able to choose from a wide selection of standard and premium animals. You can also choose from a variety of optional services. Once you have placed your order, you'll receive a confirmation. On the 1st and 2nd day of Eid in Pakistan, we will slaughter the animal, and deliver the meat to impoverished families in Karachi’s  slums, as well as donating animal hides to recognized charities such as Edhi Foundation or any other legal charity as per our logistical convenience. The process would be different if you chose any of our optional services.

How does THS benefit Pakistan?

  • All animals are bought in Pakistan. All premium animals are bought from the deserving farmers, giving them a good price and a good livelihood
  • All slaughtering will happen in Pakistan, at one of our 3 locations in Karachi -providing earning opportunities in Pakistan
  • All meat will be distributed to among the 600 slums in Karachi. As you know, more than 50% of Karachi's 20 million people live in slums and earn less than $1/ day, i.e.impoverished families
  • We have access to a large pool of donors who can provide other ingredients to convert this meat into meal portions and distribute among eligible poor people in Karachi, if you so desire
  • All remittances to Pakistan will go through the proper official channel, directly benefiting Pakistan's foreign exchange reserves

Why THS so much more economical?

Apart from the livestock price difference between Canada (or any other country) and Pakistan, a big reason for us being very economical is that most of the people involved in this service (at least 5 from Canada and several others from Pakistan) are not charging their time cost. That's why compared to a typical price of C$300-370/- for a cow share at a local meat shop in Toronto, we are offering it at C$100/- today.
For comparative pricing, you can visit www.meatone.net and you'll notice that we are able to provide Qurbani services in Karachi at rates lower than what is offered in Karachi by local businesses. All that is possible due to the involvement of people who are not charging for their time.


Who is the meat distributed to?

Your Qurbani meat is delivered to impoverished people in Karachi’s slums. For an additional price, you may choose to have the meat picked up at particular addresses in Karachi. If you choose to sacrifice the animal yourself, you may also have the live animal delivered to an address in Karachi for which you will be additionally charged.


Can I choose to whom the meat is distributed to?

For additional charges, you can either have the meat picked up at certain locations in Karachi, or you may have the live animal delivered to an address in Karachi. To find out more about these charges, please visit the shop page and select Optional Services.


Can we get the meat delivered in Canada?

The entire service is being performed in Pakistan, there are no animals being sourced or slaughtered in Canada, nor will any meat be provided in Canada.


What about out the portions for ourselves and our family?

100% of Qurbani meat will be given to eligible poor people. However, if you wish to have a portion given to family and friends in Karachi, you may do so by choosing meat pick up in our optional services page, found in the shop section. This will allow your recipients to pick up the meat from certain locations in Karachi.