Q: Why Condo/ Apt delivery charges are higher

A: Condo delivery takes much longer than house delivery. After reaching the destination, we need to call the client, wait for them to come down and collect. Often, there are parking problems and the instructions on how to reach the right place is not clear. We only charge $2.99 extra to cover part of our additional expenses.

Q. What is the difference between Gross Weight & Net weight

A. Gross weights are what we are all used to since ages since this is how your local butcher shop works! 

For example, if you buy beef from the local butcher shop, the piece of beef is first weighted and then taken to the counter for all the cleaning. You lose a certain percentage of the weight when the trimming, fats and ligaments are taken away. We do the same process when you chose items with Gross weights.

For your reference, below is roughly what the total wastage percentage may look like

Beef boneless – about 20%

Beef boneless shank – about 5-10%

Beef tenderloin – about 5-10% for full cleaning

Veal boneless – About 10%

Veal with bones – about 15%

Whole Chicken – about 25-30% if the skin is taken off, liver bone removed, and fats taken off

Chicken boneless breast – about 15% if fully cleaned 

Chicken boneless thighs – about 10-15%

Chicken legs – more than 25% if the skin is taken off

Chicken drumsticks – about 10% if the skin is taken off

Wings – about 15% if the tip is removed

Whole or half goat – about 10%

Lamb – more than 10% if fat is removed

Net weight product, on the other hand, are weighed AFTER all the waste is removed. The waste percentage is 0% or close to 0%. This option is currently only available for Beef boneless and Veal boneless.


Q. When do I expect my delivery?

A. All deliveries are according to the delivery schedule. Pls check https://www.thehalalshop.ca/policies/shipping-policy for all details


Q. Where do you buy your meat? Is it all hand slaughtered?

A. All our vendor information is on our website. All our everyday meat & poultry comes from HMA approved suppliers. More details about HMA can be found at https://hmacanada.org/