Basturma بصطرمه- Seasoned air-dried cured beef

Basturma بصطرمه- Seasoned air-dried cured beef

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Basturma is part of the cuisines of Turkey, Armenia, Bulgaria, Egypt, Greece, Iraq, and North Macedonia. Basturma can be eaten at breakfast. It can be an ingredient in Omelette or in Egg benedict. It can be used as a topping for pizza, hamburgers, pide bread. 

Basturma makes excellent sandwiches with cheese and tomatoes. 

Our Basturma is inspired by tastes from Turkey, Greece, and The Middle East. We do not use any dairy, egg, wheat, or soy to add to the weight. We don't even use lentils flour. 100% natural ingredients without the use of any preservatives or artificial flavors. 

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