Happy Mom Package 2

Happy Mom Package 2

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With the school starting and uncertainty of how the second wave of COVID may look like, the last thing you need to worry about is going to your local butcher/ grocery store. Give all your energies to the well being of your kids and your family. 

We have designed a package for you that will take this worry away for two weeks. 

Subscribe to this package every 2 weeks and get more out of your valuable time. Don't worry, we don't do automatic billing. the invoice will come to you for approval before the order is automatically placed!

This package includes

  • 2x1.5lbs Reg ground beef
  • 2x1.5lbs diced beef
  • 2x1.5lbs Ch. breast cubes
  • 1x whole chickens -12pcs
  • 12x5Oz beef burgers
  • 4x8Oz beef burgers
  • 1x10lbs rice
  • 3xShan masala
  • 1x Rafhan Pudding
  • 1x Rafhan Banana custard

You can subscribe to other eligible items from our store as well so that you give real quality time to your family.