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Makanek مقانق - Lebanese Sausage

Makanek مقانق - Lebanese Sausage

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Makanek is a traditional Lebanese sausage eaten and wildly popular throughout the Middle East. These sausages will give you a zesty taste compared to the western sausages. 

Our Makanek contains ground beef, and some spices and condiments. We do not use any dairy, egg, wheat, or soy to add to the weight. We don't even use lentils flour. 100% natural ingredients without the use of any preservatives or artificial flavors. 

The Makanek is made using sheep casings and is good to be eaten. Pan fry or BBQ these sausages. 

All sausages are made in Momu's Cloud Kitchen. Stop buying industrial sausages stuffed with fats and garbage, and instead try our healthy and nutritious sausages.