Farm raised, grain-fed Calf Veal

Farm raised, grain-fed Calf Veal

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85% of Canadian beef comes from 3 plants, owned by 2 companies, both American owned. Farmhand Foods does not buy any products from them. Besides, we also don't work with farms with inhumane practices.  

Instead, we work directly with small Ontario farmers to bring humanely raised, natural substitutes for Industrial beef. 

We are introducing a new way of ordering and eating natural, humanely raised, and non-industrial meats to our most discerning customers. 

You can now order Calf Veal from us directly and we will send you the freshest, humanely raised, and naturally Calf Veal through

You can order any part of the Calf, such as Round, Shank, Brisket, Ribs, Chuck, neck, ground, Sirloin, Rib-eye, T-bone, Back ribs, etc. 

  • All orders will be packaged in convenient ~2lbs packs.
  • The minimum order will be 15lbs. We will accept orders that define a weight range. For example, please give me 15-20 lbs of Round meat
  • You'll give a $100 deposit along with your order on and after weighing the meats, the exact amount will be invoiced to you
  • You will receive your meats at the earliest possible dates

The price for the naturally raised Calf Veal would be as follows

  • Chuck meat (Shoulder), including neck and brisket = $6/lb
  • Loin area, including Rib-eye, T-bone, and ribs = $10/lb. De-boning of Loin parts would cost 20% more
  • Tenderloin $20/lb
  • Round meat cubes = $8/lb. Round Ground meat $9/lb
  • Sirloin, Top Sirloin = $12/lb
  • Regular ground meat = $$7/lb


An example of a typical order is as follows. You can put these order details in the Cutting & Packaging Instructions box on this page. 

" Please give me

5-8lbs of Chuck meat, cut in curry cubes.

Add 2-4lbs of T-bones,

2-3 lbs of Rib-eye, deboned.

Add 2-3 lbs of Sirloin cutlets, and

about 4-6 lbs of Round boneless cubes.

Please make a total weight of 20-25lbs of total meat."