Kebab Halabi - Lamb/Mild

Kebab Halabi - Lamb/Mild

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Halab (Aleppo) is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world; it may have been inhabited since the sixth millennium BC. Aleppo is the origin of many authentic cuisines. Kebab Halabi has around 26 variants Aleppine Kebabs and kibbehs are popular throughout the Middle East and usually consumed with the favorite drink Arak. 

Our Kebab Halabi is prepared by a Chef from Aleppo and with several decades of food industry experience. 

You can give it any shape or form. You can Grill, Bake, Airfry or pan-fry them. They make good burgers too. Don't add any oil while making them. You can also cook directly from Frozen.

Mild is a typical Arabic style where you enjoy the quality of meat with some spices to enhance the overall flavor. 

Spicy is adapted for South Asian taste buds. 

Our recommendation is Mild so that you enjoy the high quality meat used in the Kebabs. 

Option 1 - Raw: 2 lbs tray. Shape it whichever way you like

Option 2 - Raw: Already skewered, 3 large Kababs. Fully or partially frozen to retain shape during shipping. Original Aleppo hand-crafted shape. AVG WEIGHT 0.7kg