Ontario Lamb

Ontario Lamb

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Canada is known for the Industrial production of Beef and Chicken. Luckily, Calves and Lambs are produced mostly by small farmers. Goat farming is almost insignificant in Canada.

Lamb is sheep that is 1 year old. Lamb is inherently more healthy choice than beef as it contains a higher amount of Zinc and Iron. Lamb is a powerhouse of Vitamin B, including Vitamin B3, B6, and B12. Lamb is loaded with immune-boosting zinc. Lamb's fat is rich in Omega3 fatty acid. If exterior fat is removed, then the intra-meat fat in Lamb is much less than beef. 

Most young lamb in Ontario end up either in high-end non-Halal stores or end up as "Goat" in the Halal meat stores. The older lambs (or Sheep) are often sold as sheep in the non-Halal section or generally as "lamb' in the Halal sections. The oldest sheep is then sold as Mutton. 

Farmhand Foods works directly with Farmers to bring you simple & natural food that is good for your family. We are introducing a new way of ordering and eating natural, humanely raised, and non-industrial meats to our most discerning customers. 

You can now order Ontario lamb from us directly and we will send you the freshest, humanely raised, and natural lamb through TheHalalShop.ca

  • All orders will be packaged in convenient ~2lbs packs.
  • The minimum order will be 10-15 lbs. 
  • You'll give a $100 deposit along with your order on TheHalalshop.ca and after weighing the meats, the exact amount will be invoiced to you
  • You will receive your meats at the earliest possible dates

The price for the naturally raised, Ontario lamb would be as follows

  • Whole or Half = $13/lb
  • Leg = $16/lb
  • Shoulder/ neck = $12/lb
  • Loin Part, i.e rack or loin chops = $18/lb
  • Back ribs = $6/lb
  • Ground = $13/lb

Ordering Half or Full lamb will result in early order fulfilment. Ordering parts may result in late or no fulfillment. 

An example of a typical order is as follows. You can put these order details in the Cutting & Packaging Instructions box on this page. 

" Please give me

Half lamb. Prepare the leg for the roast, break the long bone so that I can put it in Instapot

Keep the rack as is. Separate the individual loin Chops

Prepare the rest of the lamb as stewing cubes.

Please try to ground 1-2 lbs of meat"